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JCB, Staffordshire

D-EXP/P/I51/58 29 Mar 1990 Wolverhampton Archives

The firm was preparing for expansion into Eastern Europe with the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Soviet Union and Poland are mentioned.

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Grovewood, kitchens, Tipton

D-EXP/P/I41/144 20 May 1985 Wolverhampton Archives

The factory was due to close. TheFurniture Timber and Allied Trades Union and Len Buckingham are mentioned.

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Union Locks, Willenhall

D-EXP/P/I44/176 13 Aug 1988 Wolverhampton Archives

The firm had new computerised design equipment. The photograph shows June Smith with Harold Chew.

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National Union of Teachers, Cannock

D-EXP/P/A51/286 undated Wolverhampton Archives

The photograph shows Fred Yard (right) presenting a cheque to Gordon Alcott.

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Ever Ready, Park Lane, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/I31/75 1 Feb 1979 Wolverhampton Archives

Factory Closure. The Transport and General Workers Union and the Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs are mentioned. The photograph shows union officials Dave Hill (left) and Cyril Blower.