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Park Webb Forge, Wigan

D-EXP/P/I45/49 16 May 1978 Wolverhampton Archives

A drum winder mainshaft order by M. B. Wild and Company of Birmingham. The National Coal Board at Selby, Yorkshire is mentioned.

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Beckminster Methodist Church, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/W32/11 16 May 1958 Wolverhampton Archives

Carved oak reredoes presented to the church by Mr T. L. Evans and his wife of the National Coal Board, in memory of their son.

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Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum, near Stoke

D-EXP/P/B3/27 14 Dec 1982 Wolverhampton Archives

A Derby firm produced promotional bugs which had become really popular. Holly Lane and the National Coal Board are mentioned.