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Weightlifter Cranes, Smethwick

D-EXP/P/I30/159 27 May 1988 Wolverhampton Archives

Mobile service designed to eliminate human error from on-site testing of chains, hooks and other lifting equipment.

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Wheway Becker, chainmaking, Green Lane, Walsall

D-EXP/P/I30/42 29 Mar 1990 Wolverhampton Archives

Charitable donation from Wheway Becker to Walsall Manor Hospital after the firm prepared to shut down. Mike Ball and the FKI group are mentioned. Nurse Helen Hartram is shown along with some of the workers and one of the special syringe pumps which their

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Wheway Watson, chainmakers, Green Lane, Walsall

D-EXP/P/I30/41 10 Dec 1986 Wolverhampton Archives

The firm opened a plant for the heat treatment of chains used in the mining industry. Shown in the photograph with his finger on the starting button is Trevor Massey of British Coal, along with Ron Firth (right) and Tony Williams. Jim Coupe is also quoted

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D-EXP/P/I40/265 27 Apr 1965 Wolverhampton Archives

Mr W. Lee (right) and Bernard Harrison examining a polished chain before it was despatched.

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Hackett’s, chainmakers

D-EXP/P/I40/264 10 Feb 1964 Wolverhampton Archives

Rachel Hickman demonstrating the old way of making chain.

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D-EXP/P/I40/263 27 Apr 1965 Wolverhampton Archives

Jim Homer, Harold Smith and W. Haynes making stud link cable chain.

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W. L. Byers and Co., Ltd., chainmakers, Cradley Heath

D-EXP/P/I40/262 5 Apr 1962 Wolverhampton Archives

The firm was probably the only firm in the country to still make chains by the side welding method. The photograph shows (left to right) W. Ward, A. Ward and R. Edwards welding the wrought iron link together with a double hafted hammer.