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D-EXP/S/WA/94 22 May 1963 Wolverhampton Archives

Team mascot Alan Vurlam retired, with his last game being against Charlton. The photograph shows him being presented with a football by Ernie Thomas, watched by Bill Moore and the players.

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Walsall v. Grimsby Town, Football League Division 3

D-EXP/S/WA/76 22 Apr 1961 Wolverhampton Archives

The start of the match had to be delayed due to a hole in the Walsall net. The photograph shows referee L. J. Tirebuck inspecting the damage.

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Walsall v. Bristol City, Football League Division 3

D-EXP/S/WA/74 25 Mar 1961 Wolverhampton Archives

The photograph shows Tony Richards lobbing a shot over the head of Bristol goalkeeper Cook, equalling Gilbert Alsop’s record of scoring 165 goals for the club.