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Grovewood, kitchens, Tipton

D-EXP/P/I41/144 20 May 1985 Wolverhampton Archives

The factory was due to close. TheFurniture Timber and Allied Trades Union and Len Buckingham are mentioned.

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The Villiers Engineering Co., Ltd., Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/I30/142 22 Jun 1965 Wolverhampton Archives

The Transport & General Workers Union announced that nearly 500 workers were facing redundancy. The Ministry of Labour is mentioned.

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Fafnir Bearings Ltd, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/I33/4 15 Jun 1978 Wolverhampton Archives

400 workers to lose their jobs. Hednesford is mentioned, and in the photograph from left are union leaders Ted Cooper, George Large and Arthur Gullick.

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Rubery Owen, car components plant, Darlaston

D-EXP/P/I36/70 4 Dec 1976 Wolverhampton Archives

Strike negotiations over pay. The photograph shows shop stewards leaving Transport House, West Bromwich, with Transport and General Workers Union official Brian Mathers (right)

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Boulton Paul Aircraft, Ltd., Fordhouses, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/I39/107 15 May 1968 Wolverhampton Archives

Workers at the firm supported the national one-day strike in support of an all round wage increase and better holidays. The Engineering Employers Federation is mentioned.

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Carpet Products, Kidderminster

D-EXP/P/I40/78 3 Sep 1975 Wolverhampton Archives

Workers decided to defer a pay rise in order to help the firm. The Carpet Trades Union is mentioned, and the photograph shows Eddie Evans shaking hands with David Grimes.