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Post Office

D-EXP/P/W95W/56 1940s Wolverhampton Archives

Women engineers

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Queen Street, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/W1Q/111 2 May 1963 Wolverhampton Archives

The Old Post Office, part of which was being replaced by extensions and additions to the offices of the Express & Star newspaper.

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Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/W1H/18 28 Nov 1990 Wolverhampton Archives

An artist’s impression of a new office building.

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Sergeant Lew Sahilka

D-EXP/P/W95/29 1 Nov 1940 Wolverhampton Archives

Sahilka painted murals at Yarnfield, near Stafford, while serving with the American 8th Air Force. The Post Office is mentioned.