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Quarry Bank First Aid Post

D-EXP/P/W95F/6 7 Nov 1940 Wolverhampton Archives

Various pieces of equipment and clothing are shown inside a wooden structure.

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Outdoor exercises by the merged rescue and first-aid parties, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/W95F/13 10 Aug 1943 Wolverhampton Archives

The team were practising reconnaissance of bombed sites, searching for and calling out to casualties, and co-operation between the civil defence services. The photograph shows casualties buried under debris in a cellar being rescued.

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Wolverhampton rescue party personnel

D-EXP/P/W95F/17 1940s Wolverhampton Archives

The rescue party searched wreckage for “bodies” during an exercise, wearing anti-gas clothing.

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Civil Defence Headquarters, Whitmore Reans

D-EXP/P/C104/1 19 Oct 1951 Wolverhampton Archives

Webbing bands being used to raise a casualty on to a stretcher. Tarmac had been dug up from Queen Square to make exercises more realistic.