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Footbridge, Bridgnorth

D-EXP/P/B7/39 6 Jun 1968 Wolverhampton Archives

The bridge was built in 1895 by the Borough Council but it was threatened with demolition as it was in urgent need of repair.

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Codsall Council Offices

D-EXP/P/C21/5 14 Apr 1976 Wolverhampton Archives

Exterior of a controversial building. Peter Barnett, Mona Housden, Councillor Housden and H. Ellis Tomlinson are mentioned.

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Corngreaves Hall, Cradley Heath

D-EXP/P/C19/2 3 Dec 1969 Wolverhampton Archives

A metal gate had been erected across the driveway, blocking people from using it as a short cut between the Corngreaves Hall estate and ironfounders G. Clancey Ltd. Warley Council, Councillor Joe Adams, Thomas Billingham, Timbertree Crescent and Mr L. G.

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Church Street, Bridgnorth

D-EXP/P/B7/50 11 Jun 1976 Wolverhampton Archives

Councillors of Bridgnorth District Council’s General Purposes Committee agreed to subscribe to become members of the Heart of England Tourist Board. John Brown is quoted, and Whitburn Street is mentioned.

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Bridgnorth Castle

D-EXP/P/B7/46 14 Apr 1973 Wolverhampton Archives

The ruins were going to be checked by experts to make sure they were safe, as the tower was tilting. Bridgnorth Rural Borough Council and the Department of Environment are mentioned.

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26 and 27 Railway Street, Bridgnorth

D-EXP/P/B7/45 17 Oct 1972 Wolverhampton Archives

The Rural District Council was inviting tenders for the conversion of the properties into a single two-bedroom house.

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Sabrina Statue, Bridgnorth

D-EXP/P/B7/30 3 Mar 1962 Wolverhampton Archives

The statue depicting the Goddess of the Severn was moved from outside the entrance to the Castle grounds. The Town Council is mentioned.

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West Castle Street, Bridgnorth

D-EXP/P/B7/24 9 Feb 1961 Wolverhampton Archives

Mrs Dawes started a petition to Tettenhall Urban District Council to change the name of Sabrina Road. The photograph shows a statue of Sabrina, the goddess of the Severn.