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Civil Defence Conference, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/C104/2 30 Oct 1963 Wolverhampton Archives

Tom Pattinson sampling the food, along with (from left) Ellen Ingleby, Ada Newman and Jean Haynes.

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Civil Defence Headquarters, Whitmore Reans

D-EXP/P/C104/1 19 Oct 1951 Wolverhampton Archives

Webbing bands being used to raise a casualty on to a stretcher. Tarmac had been dug up from Queen Square to make exercises more realistic.

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Mr H. J. Rust, warden

D-EXP/P/W95C/16 23 Mar 1942 Wolverhampton Archives

A full time warden in Wolverhampton, seen in the Control Centre, who had previously served on the H. M. S. Curacoa anti-aircraft cruiser.