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D-EXP/S/WA/94 22 May 1963 Wolverhampton Archives

Team mascot Alan Vurlam retired, with his last game being against Charlton. The photograph shows him being presented with a football by Ernie Thomas, watched by Bill Moore and the players.

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Walsall v. Grimsby Town, Football League Division 3

D-EXP/S/WA/76 22 Apr 1961 Wolverhampton Archives

The start of the match had to be delayed due to a hole in the Walsall net. The photograph shows referee L. J. Tirebuck inspecting the damage.

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Walsall v. Bristol City, Football League Division 3

D-EXP/S/WA/74 25 Mar 1961 Wolverhampton Archives

The photograph shows Tony Richards lobbing a shot over the head of Bristol goalkeeper Cook, equalling Gilbert Alsop’s record of scoring 165 goals for the club.

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Old Retail Market Hall, North Street, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/W69/13 3 Jan 1961 Wolverhampton Archives

Looking down on demolition work on the old Market Hall from the top of St. Peter’s Church tower. Vehicles are parked in the foreground, and there are views of St Marks, Chapel Ash, the Civic Hall, and the Old Town Hall. A tractor can be seen in the shell