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All Saints’ Church, West Bromwich

D-EXP/P/W4/7 22 Aug 1958 Wolverhampton Archives

A 900-year-old Norman chest, hollowed out of a trunk of an oak tree, was believed to be the oldest object in the town, and the church used it for church plate, money and vestments. The photograph shows Prebendary N. W. Watson examining the chest.

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Salop Street, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/W1S/20 20 Feb 1957 Wolverhampton Archives

Roof-top, open-air parking was planned above a block of two-storey shops. School Street is mentioned, and the premises of Edwin Blakemore & Sons, F. Smith (Elec) Limited, and H. S. Richards & Son can be seen.

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Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/W1C/32 5 Dec 1955 Wolverhampton Archives

The Greek temple-style toilet block and Midlands Electricity Board sub-station on the junction of Tettenhall and Compton Roads was to be taken down and replaced by a modern substitute on the corner of Merridale and Compton Roads.

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King Edward School, Birmingham

D-EXP/R/RQE/34 3 Nov 1955 Wolverhampton Archives

The photograph shows the Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty the Queen leaving their car on arrival.

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Walsall Council House

D-EXP/R/RQE/81 22 May 1962 Wolverhampton Archives

R. Hayes (Jewellers), Ltd. presented the County Borough of Walsall with a gold pen for Her Majesty the Queen to use when she signed the Distinguished Visitors’ Book during her visit.

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Lynne Masefield, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/R/RQE/62 22 May 1962 Wolverhampton Archives

Lynne was due to present a bouquet to Her Majesty the Queen during her visit. The photograph shows her trying on her dress with the help of Margaret Whitehouse of the Wolverhampton College of Art, where the dress had been made.

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D-EXP/R/RQE/37 3 Nov 1955 Wolverhampton Archives

The photograph shows Susan Oliver curtseying as she handed a bouquet to Her Majesty the Queen, the the Duke of Edinbrugh and Mayor Alderman H. H. Coughlan alongside.

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Low Level Station, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/R/RQE/65 24 May 1962 Wolverhampton Archives

The photograph shows Lynne Diane Masefield of Rakegate Infants School presenting the Queen with a bouquet on behalf of the schoolchildren of the borough, with Mayor Alderman M. Birch alongside.

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D-EXP/R/RQE/100 20 Sep 1967 Wolverhampton Archives

Her Majesty the Queen named the Q4 “Queen Elizabeth II”, although the launch did not quite go to plan. John Rennie of John Brown and Cunard are mentioned.

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Queen Square, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/W1Q/26 27 Mar 1961 Wolverhampton Archives

The photograph shows Helga Coleman looking at the statue of Prince Albert, and the article relates to the statue needing a clean. There is a later article using the same photograph stating that Lady Longford’s book “Victoria R.I.”, which listed memorials