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Wolverhampton College of Art

D-EXP/P/W65/9 5 Jan 1960 Wolverhampton Archives

Pigeons had been noted to be resting on various aspects of the friezes on the side of the building. A later article states that a pigeon repellant was being used by Wolverhampton Corporation to keep the birds away. The National Gallery and Nelson’s Column

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Wergs Road, Tettenhall

D-EXP/P/T1/36 29 Jun 1965 Wolverhampton Archives

A bus shelter had such architectural merit that the Tettenhall Urban Council wished to preserve it, despite complaints by Mr C. C. Stansbury of Wrottesley Road over the state of its disrepair. Wolverhampton Corporation is mentioned.

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Parish Centre, Upper Street, Tettenhall

D-EXP/P/T1/37 21 Sep 1965 Wolverhampton Archives

The first building to be completed in the Upper Street development area, the new parish centre was officially opened by the Bishop of Lichfield, the Right Reverend A. S. Reeve. Mrs A. S. Reeve, Tettenhall Urban District Council, Councillor Dr S. C. Dyke,

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Rotary Ball, Wolverhampton Civic Hall

D-EXP/P/W68/6 9 May 1963 Wolverhampton Archives

Mr T. Chater in the attendants’ new maroon uniform, which replaced the black or dark blue suits worn previously, to make them more identifiable in the crowd. St Peter’s Church can be seen in the background.

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Sergeant James Beckett and family, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/A85/67 5 Jun 1957 Wolverhampton Archives

Sergeant Beckett’s wife and family had joined him on the ship for the return home. Athens and Bilston are mentioned. The photograph shows (from left) Angela Beckett, Sergeant James holding Mary, Johnnie and Margaret.

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1st Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment, Walsall Town Hall, Walsall

D-EXP/P/A85/74 31 Jul 1957 Wolverhampton Archives

Two “chinths”, which were presented to the Battalion in Mandalay in 1925, were used at all ceremonial occasions. The photograph shows Anne Hickton, the granddaughter of Alderman Sir Cliff Tibbitts looking up at one of the figures.

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Staffordshire Regiment

D-EXP/P/A72/28 13 Sep 1961 Wolverhampton Archives

The photograph shows Private David Corlett of Warner Street in Codsall loading a mortar bomb into a barrel, alongside Private D. Howard of Gunstone Hall Farm in Codsall. Private Colin Whitehouse of Hilton Street in Springfields is mentioned.

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Wednesbury By-election

D-EXP/P/E29/1 28 Feb 1957 Wolverhampton Archives

Mrs N. J. Anthony was casting her vote in a double-decker bus polling station at Rose Hill in Willenhall. The candidates Tapsell, Stonehouse and Wade are mentioned. This photograph was reused for a 1967 by-election, when white writing and a rectangular bo

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Locust, Wednesbury

D-EXP/P/L25/1 2 Feb 1956 Wolverhampton Archives

The creature was found in a crate of Italian cauliflowers at a wholesale fruiterer’s warehouse, and it took 44 hours to kill him and still preserve him for photographic purposes. The National History Museum in Birmingham is mentioned.

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Picture Palace, Castle Street, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/W31/70 10 Mar 1959 Wolverhampton Archives

During demolition and alteration work, an old gas chandelier was found from Wolverhampton’s first cinema, which opened in 1909. The photograph shows Bill Blower holding the item.