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Ambulance crew, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/A51/284 undated Wolverhampton Archives

The photograph shows (left to right) Brian Rudd, Alex Forbes and Paul Duroe.

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Molineux Hotel, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/W1M/37 29 Jul 1991 Wolverhampton Archives

This photograph shows the building’s deterioration. The floodlights of Molineux Stadium can be seen behind.

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Joseph Perry with a 1943 Dennis Pax vehicle

D-EXP/P/W95R/25 16 Sep 1993 Wolverhampton Archives

The vehicle was used to supply coal to the living quarters of British troops. The Ministry of Defence is mentioned.

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50th anniversary of D-Day

D-EXP/P/W95D/18 3 Mar 1994 Wolverhampton Archives

Reuben Welch holding his medals and a model tank.

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Manders Paint and Ink, Old Heath Road, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/I35/21 18 Feb 1993 Wolverhampton Archives

Charitable donation of paint and equipment to a Romanian Orphanage in Bucharest. The photograph shows Patrick Pritchard with Brian Ayres.

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Manders Paints Ltd, Old Heath Road, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/I35/17 23 Jun 1992 Wolverhampton Archives

Workers protest at takeover bid by Kalon Group. Ellen Couchman-Crook, Kenneth Jones, Roger Akers and Anthea Mander are mentioned.

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Thornton Swish, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton

D-EXP/P/I44/66 10 Sep 1992 Wolverhampton Archives

News sales offices and showrooms were being opened throughout the North West and the Midlands. The Thornton Group is mentioned.